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Benefits of Children Making Crafts

Introducing craft making early on sends the children on their creative path. The benefits of children making crafts for fun and leisure has been positively established for ages. From toddlers ripping papers and busy boards to doing more complicated things that practice their fine motor skills.

Craft making has been around for years. Making handmade things for their aesthethic value or just for their usefulness, traditional handicrafts pass on the culture learnt from one generation to another. From the process to the materials used and the manner in which it is made. It is an expression of who we have become and sometimes, of how we have come so far.

Benefits of Children Making Crafts

  • An expression of their creativity. Some children speak more with their hands, and express more with their art than their lips. Showing their artistic side sometimes is a by-product when all they want to do is make beautiful things.

  • Children get frustrated easily. Making them do craft provides a venue to direct that frustration. Crumpling and ripping paper to build paper mache goods is a good example of seemingly destroying something to make another thing out of it.

  • Craft making teaches persistence and patience, discipline and focus.

  • Builds critical thinking and creativity. One child’s trash could be another’s would be treasure. A blank piece of cardboard can become kiddie stamps, book marks or doodle pad. Some items involve very exhaustive directions, so they are able to learn to follow directions.

  • Improve nimbleness and dexterity of the hands. For very small children practicing their pincer grasp with drawing, cutting and colouring things. Making a pasta necklace can improve your child’s dexterity, threading skills. Include colour patterns and different textures for differentiation and distinction.

  • Pride in accomplishing or finishing something they made independently. This boosts their confidence and self-esteem. They aren’t just playing, they are making things. Encouraging them to talk about their new hobby will make them more expressive of their feelings.

Children making crafts benefits them more than we are aware of. From their hobbies they can meet new friends and explore more creative pursuits. Some after school care providers provide ready made kits to make it easier and take the guesswork out of crafting.

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