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Children’s Christmas Cooking

Christmas is a time to be with family and loved ones. Celebrations made special with home cooking and gift giving. Having children around makes it noisy, true, but also more endearing and memorable. Schools and after school businesses are offering cooking lessons for children as part of their program. These kids activities are increasingly becoming more widely available because of concerns in children becoming addicted to screens and online games. Even Vogue had an article on quarantine recipes by designers on cooking.

Children as early in their toddler years can help in the kitchen. They are able to wash ingredients like fruits and vegetables. This is a chance to learn about colours, textures and taste. Fun lessons about where food comes from, basic ingredients, the food groups and even good manners. Saying thank you for their help, no matter how small, and please for items that they hand over.

Even in the bleakest and gloomiest days, the aroma of cookies baking lifts one's spirits. Making a child learn to cook is a chance for them to be healthy for all their lives. It helps them get familiar with the freshest picks and natural ingredients. Aside from being good for their body, cooking is actually healthy for your mind. It activates the goal-oriented parts of our brains. It stimulates the logical part in organising and sequencing parts in getting ingredients, preparing them and cooking. It also rouses the creative parts as when an unavailable ingredient is to be replaced with something similar. Scents from the kitchen brings back memories, and favourite recipes can be committed to memory.

Simple salads, pancakes, colourful jellies, healthy kid snacks to start these tiny little hands to get busy in the kitchen. Even these easy practices can improve their cognitive, academic and motor skills. In measuring they can learn mathematical concepts, in doing the recipe, they learn how to follow directions, Letting them help out develops their confidence and is a good bonding experience. That’s how you create memories.

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