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Keep the kids entertained for hours: DIY Scavenger Hunt game + FREE printables!

We've been social distancing for weeks now, and the kids are getting restless! To combat the stir-craziness, we've come up with an easy scavenger hunt activity that will spark creativity, get them moving, and keep them entertained.

What you need

  • Paper

  • Pencils/Crayons/Paint

  • Imagination!

What to do

  1. Divide a piece of paper per child into 9 squares (you can also do 6 or 12)

  2. Choose an item for each square - these will be the things they head off hunting for.

  3. Write the name of each item at the top of the square

  4. Grab your art supplies and let them get creative with drawings or paintings of each item

  5. Off into the yard (or house) they go to hunt down their treasures!

Suggestions for items

This activity can be altered to suit your environment. A nature-based scavenger hunt is ideal for those with private yards accessible to them, whereas an indoor version is better for those in apartment settings. We've put together some ideas for both in a handy printable A4 format if you'd prefer to print and go - simply right click, 'save as', and print from your computer. Choose from blank or ready-to-colour sheets!

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