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Healthy Active Children

Healthy active children are one of the many blessings in life. A healthy diet, plenty of sun, rest and sleep, exercise and fresh air is essential to acquiring good health. It is not so easy these days to fulfill all that with the Covid-19 pandemic on the rise.

Play has always been an active, sweaty task. It is more fun with playmates. But keeping scarce and away from other people has become a norm. Most establishments are practicing social distancing and this is true to play areas, amusement parks, playgrounds and even courts. As children can be forgetful, it is more than encouraged to practice safe distancing.

This has increased the chances for kids to spend more time online. More screen time is not beneficial to children especially with very young children. They need to be active both for their minds and bodies sake.

It is a well known fact that an active body increases the intake of oxygen and releases endorphins - that feel good chemical that can help prevent depression. Staying indoors can take a toll for children who were used to being outdoors and with friends. These days having friends over is also not a good thing to do. Other brain chemicals are also being released as a result of physical activity. Norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin which all can contribute and increase feelings of satisfaction, pleasure and happiness.

While we wait for the situation to go back to normal, we need to find new ways to enjoy virtual experiences like safer, online birthday parties. In the meantime, adults have to be more creative in involving physical activity in the children’s daily routine. Even with the World Health Organization restrictions on team and contact sports, there are still numerous ways to have healthy active children.

Reintroduce hopscotch, gardening, follow the leader, treasure hunt and other games that can increase flexibility and general health. Jogging around the yard, zumba, kiddie yoga and calisthenics or table tennis or simplified badminton game can entertain and steer these children on the right path to health.

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