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Memorable Online Birthday Parties And Kids Activities

One would think that online birthday parties and kids activities would be the same old boring zoom meetings. That is what it is DEFINITELY NOT! Because of the covid pandemic fright and the continuing need to stay at home and avoid crowds with the need to physically

distance, some pursuits need to be done differently. Yes, differently and not totally abandon them. Like children’s birthday parties.

Let’s face it, children tend to get bored. There is just so much screen time they can tolerate before they get tired of it, or worse, sick. A month before a child’s birthday, they get a little antsy, anxious. They tend to think up great ideas of how they are going to celebrate their birthday. It is not easy. Getting the children outside is still a tricky situation.

Online birthday parties and kids activities, with the right people can be a fun affair. Just because you stay indoors, it doesn’t mean you can’t party with your friends. And there is bound to be one or more surprise guests to the party.

Choose from a wide range of options that your children will remember. Would it be an active party with hoops or Peter Pan virtual experience? Or the entertaining show by Mr. Hubble that combines science

and fun interactive hands-on bubble play. Square bubbles? Not a problem. A bubble within a bubble? Easy-peasy. Incredible bubble tricks like spinning bubbles, smoke and even fire bubbles! You will never look at a bubble the same way again.

A unicorn experience or would a Jedi one be more to your kids taste? You can’t go wrong with some magic and wizardry by master magician and wonderworker Jay Scott Berry. Card tricks, coin tricks for an original online magical experience, this interactive presentation can be recorded so you can watch it again later. Challenges ahead with fun twists with master balloon artist BennyO. Learn the techniques to freeform your own massive monster.

Big or small, fun or fairies, Fun Day In will help be there to create the party you have in mind for a truly memorable online birthday party. Call us now and let’s get this party started!

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