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Online Virtual Experiences For These Uncertain Times

Amidst restrictions and these new strains emerging, online virtual experiences seems to be the safest way to go these days. The children of today still need to have fun experiences that will someday be a fond memory for them. Staying locked in might not be one of them. Social isolation is a big factor in this pandemic situation. Teen Vogue discusses some of the issues social isolation has on people that are working and learning at home.

Experiencing first hand is always the best. After all, experience is the best teacher. But stringent times call for safe measures. The risks of this invisible virus and the manner of how it is transmitted, even if we are more aware these days than when it first came out, is still alarming. The new mutations that came out are touted to be even more contagious than the prior strain. What makes it even scarier is that there are carriers that do not show any symptoms or are asymptomatic but are still able to spread this virus.

This is where Fun Day In comes in. We present learning alternatives and glimpses of online virtual experiences for both parents and teachers for their children and students to enjoy.

Explore the origins of man, the oldest living culture, gain indigenous understanding of harmony and how connected everything is in Kadoo Tours. See the inside of a Royal Flying Doctor Service plane and find out how they help people who live in outback Australia.

Incorporate exercise, fun and gymnastics in the comfort of your own home. The team at Vision Gymsports have compiled beginner videos to motivate kids to move and learn basic gymnastic moves at home. This will help children stay active at any time of the day.

Whether it's online birthdays or learning about all kinds of things in a safe environment, Fun Day In is taking the fun indoors to keep children safe and engaged, the parents relaxed and everyone enduring getting through these tough times. Give us a call and have a wonderful time learning indoors.

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