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Play In The Dirt

Finding a child totally spotless is often an impossible thing because all children love to play in the dirt. They say playing in the dirt has a positive impact on the children’s health. Instead of making the children sick, the time exposed romping on the dirt strengthens their immune system benefitting their little bodies with fewer allergies (if any), better sleep and stress management, good digestion and less chances of catching diseases and a guaranteed good time making precious memories.

A quick canoelands tour with tractor rides and bee presentations is a plus to rekindle a love for nature. To teach older children the beauty of farm life, have a hand at picking and eating fruits and tasting the difference with store bought produce. They would experience animal petting first hand. The aim is to make farm life more relatable and appealing. It is also a chance to get away from the city for a bit and enjoy the sunshine and get to have unique experiences for the entire day.

This might not make them farmers overnight, but the exposure to the land, the freedom to wander around, muck about and seeing the benefits and the work it entails can spark their imagination and make them want to do something similar and work with the land.

A day without gadgets and being outside breathing fresh air and taking in the sun usually becomes a day of making memories. Letting the children roam free to go around running, jumping, skipping, crawling, generally being rowdy and loud releases their pent up energy and lets out stress. This not only benefits them physically but also mentally and emotionally. A dose of nature to play in the dirt might just be what prevents visiting a doctor as sunshine and exercise are some of the best doctors in life.

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