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The Magic of Childhood

The magic of childhood often visits us when we experience things that strike a memory. Good ones, bad ones, sometimes even embarrassing ones. It doesn’t take much. It could be visual, a taste or fragrance which evokes an image of long ago. What would children of these times remember? What would comprise their magical childhood?

It has not been long that we became aware and took precautions against Covid-19. The almost worldwide scare caused temporary cessation of activities. To some it was voluntary regional quarantine, limited physical contact. Sydney schools and activities, institutions and places of work have to comply. We suddenly were thrust in a world of social distancing, minimal parties and the kids with no playmates.

School activities became limited, after school activities more so. Imagine a birthday party without friends over, candles that you cannot blow on, with guests in surgical masks. Not a very pretty picture. Visiting relatives and old people are not allowed. School aged children have limited areas able to go to for the very young and the very old are most at risk of contracting the virus. The routines got very strict and very boring. It is a very depressing time especially for some who had been advised to go into isolation. Although people can still see each other electronically, and speak via their cell phones, nothing beats meaningful hugs and reassurances conveyed with holding hands and gentle squeezes.

All these steps were necessary. There was so little known about the virus that came out. Over time, more information became available. Preventive measures despite knowing the virus still were in effect. But we slowly came into a new normal. Until we have a vaccine. Cleaning and disinfecting became paramount. We are reintroduced to proper hand washing. Hand shake and kisses are not encouraged.

After some time, when we knew more about the virus, we adapted to new things. We became aware of safer measures to take. There is a gradual relaxing of hanging out. A resumption of school activities, sports, and new routines to make sure we do not bring home this virus and infect our loved ones. Business owners had to make changes in their own ways to safeguard their employees and customers. Hospitals had their own rules and so did aged care facilities. With new policies in place, it is now a little safer to visit grandparents who were missed so much by their grandkids. Schools reopened and almost all activities are back to normal with extra preventive measures.

Man, by nature, is a social being. Children, more so. They need their friends, their elders, their families and their activities. This comprises the magic of their childhood. This will keep them sane and happy for all the other times. They might remember this time when people had to be extra clean, extra careful. With it, the memories of how happy they were once they reunited with all these special people they have missed.

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