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The World Is Getting Smaller

The world is getting smaller. This used to be true because of technology. We explore new things, see places where cameras and the internet can show us. Far off countries like France, Italy and other territories in Europe. Now it is totally different, especially for the children. As they dream of one day exploring those fantastic places, covid-19 happened and we are faced with a new fear, that of being sick.

It became a real fear instead of one at the back-of-the-mind fear. The virus is not only invisible but because it is too new, there isn’t much we know about it. And no real cure or a vaccine yet against it. In time a few safety precautions have been put in place. Social distancing, building up the immune system and a few more. For a child to have his movements suddenly restricted is bad enough. To be asked to not see and play with their friends so abruptly and with no definite date to be with them again is something even adults cannot process easily and with clarity.

As much as staying inside keeps them safe, it can indeed be boring. Parents and the adult community have to be very creative to make sure the children are entertained. Planning events from time to time such as laser tags, inflatables or public showing of movies.

A healthy balance between keeping away and being engaged can make a difference for the mental and emotional well-being of these children. What once were active are now confined to familiar and very limited surroundings. Life indoors can be fun when planned just right. Keeping them occupied and having a bit of fun is the least that they should be granted. If in the process they manage to learn and experience new things is the cherry on top.

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