Bee Weiss is a Bee Hive and Bee Activity Management Service, specialising in European Honey Bees. As part of the service, Bee Education for adults and children helps to promote understanding of bees, pollination in our ecosystem and ultimately 'Living with bees'.

This Live Interactive Experience is held via online video chat that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or group classroom. 


Viewers will be amazed as they develop an understanding of bees particularly the ‘European Honeybee’, beekeeping, pollination in our eco system, sustainability and ‘living with bees’.

Viewers would see:

  • Different bee keeping equipment including, suit with veil, smoker.
  • Different parts of the hive, ie, the brood (nursery) boxes, and the honey ’super’.
  • Queen excluder and purpose, facts behind the sizing of the grill used to keep the queen in the ‘brood boxes’ without any brood getting mixed with the honey.


We would see the bees:

  • Close up showing them carrying pollen back to the hivedoing their ‘bee dance
  • Showing the smoker in use (blowing smoke to calm the bees)
  • Then looking live inside the hive at the bees as they move over the honey and brood frames.


What is supplied:

  • An interactive activity delivered via Zoom.
  • Your Zoom link and instructions on how to connect will be sent to you before your session starts.


What you will need to supply:

  • Access to Zoom.
  • For large groups a big screen would be ideal, and a laptop or tablet for small groups.

Bee Life in the Hive

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