Dr Hubble will beam directly into your place with an interactive bubble show that has to be seen to be believed. He will astound young and old alike with his incredible bubble tricks. You will see square bubbles, bubble inside bubbles, spinning bubbles, smoke bubbles and even fire bubbles. This online incursion has become one of our most popular and successful.


Dr Hubble knows bubbles and bubbles are fun for everybody!

Dr Hubble’s Bubble show is entertaining, hands-on and engaging. The shows are suitable for all primary levels and jam packed with links to various curriculum areas including:

- Science, Sustainability, Thinking Skills, Performing Arts, Mindfulness, English and Mathematics. 


Dr Hubble’s Show can be tailored to suit your current curriculum focus, just let Dr
Hubble know, it’s no trouble!

During the performance the children areencouraged to gather data using all their senses, to wonder, pose questions and make predictions.

Dr Hubble's Live Online Bubbles

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