Our enchanting characters Madam Mulch and The Great Fertilizo see a bright future in which food waste is magically turned into nutrient rich soil and gardens of culinary delights are created out of compostable waste.

These eco-visionaries engage public audiences and impart their extensive knowledge about composting, food waste reduction and the benefits of collecting food scraps for re-use in a magical and comical way.


What is supplied:

  • A 10 minute short film.
  • Your link and instructions on how to view this short film will be sent to you before your session starts.
  • A suggested schedule for a days activities linked to the performance.
  • A list of fun activities and games.
  • A find a word and crossword.


What you will need to supply:

  • For large groups a big screen would be ideal, and a laptop or tablet for small groups.

Madam Mulch and the Great Fertiliso


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