Recycled Percussion is an exciting, vibrant and all-inclusive online interactive percussion show.


Using ordinary everyday items that can easily be found around the house, the 'Reycled Percussion' show is designed with the view that anything and everything could be a musical instrument.


Utilising the philosophy that music is a combination of sound and silence, and that everyone can play music, these online workshops put the students in the driver’s seat, empowering them with a unique approach to music.


Students are encouraged to actively participate in working together creating music using everyday house items. 


By allowing students to be part of the composition process, Recycled Percussion gives them a greater sense of ownership, appreciation and involvement.


  • Involve group learning and encourage peer interaction
  • Students learn to appreciate teamwork and encourage positive social skills
  • Improve coordination
  • Improve memory recall
  • Are generally a whole lot of fun!


What is supplied:

  • An interactive 40min activity delivered via Zoom.
  • Your Zoom link and instructions on how to connect will be sent to you before your session starts.


What you will need to supply:

  • Access to Zoom.
  • For large groups a big screen would be ideal, and a laptop or tablet for small groups.


Recycled Percussion by Ian Watson

  • 4-12 years

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