The Look! Up in the Sky Education Program is a FREE interactive online resource and an incursion program that brings geography & history to life through stories of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Developed to address classes from Foundation to Grade Six, the resource engages both students & teachers through short films, a virtual museum, photos and project materials.


Video 1: School of the Air

The School of the Air was founded by a member of the Royal Flying Doctor Service in 1951 to help students who live in outback areas get an education.


Video 2: Sarah's Story

Explore the inside of a Royal Flying Doctor Service plane and hear the story of Sarah. A school of the air student from menindee who needed urgent medical help.


Video 3: Inlanders

A short documentary on John Flynn and the Inlanders. Find out why Flynn’s story features on our currency.


Video 4: Furthest Corner

A short documentary that shows how the Royal Flying Doctors help people who live in outback Australia.




Royal Flying Doctor Service Free Videos

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